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Youth & Family Minister: Jason Smith


Biltmore Youth

We are the Biltmore Church of Christ youth group.

Mission Statement:

We are young, fresh, passionate, children of God. We believe Jesus is the Son of God and is our savior. We believe the Bible is a reflection of God’s heart and His love for us. Through church community and service, we seek to bring change to the world we live in.
More about us:
We are the Biltmore Church of Christ youth group located in Asheville, NC. We are lifted up by the entire Biltmore community as the future of God’s kingdom here on earth. The youth are involved in a number of activities and events meant to strengthen and aid teens in their identity as children of God and as servants in His kingdom.While the youth do have many activities meant to specifically reach them, the
youth are encouraged and do involve themselves in family activities and church-wide events. The Biltmore youth group is meant to be an addition to the Biltmore church congregation and the youth’s family; not a subtraction.


Events we are involved in:

  • Winterfest
  • Leadership Training for Christ
  • Spring Lock-In
  • Impact @ Lipscomb University
  • Palmetto Bible Camp
  • Vacation Bible School
  • West Memphis Mission Trip
  • Summer Retreat
  • Family Retreat
  • Christmas Lock-In
  • Life Group
  • Devotionals
  • Bible Classes



We also promote various kids activities so that we can begin to introduce them to being in a youth group and to begin to strengthen and encourage their walk with Christ. With these activities the foundation is always spiritually focused and includes lots of fun, service, work and encouragement. We also strive to individually focus time on each child and encourage them in their unique God given gifts and abilities and to help families as they seek to raise their kids in today’s ever changing world. Our kids activities include: Kids 4 Christ, Kids Camp(Vacation Bible School), Children’s Church, Pumpkin Pickin’ Party, and a Kids Camping Retreat. They are also highly involved in:

Leadership Training for Christ

4th Week @ Palmetto Bible Camp

See Children Ministry page.



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